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Explore four day of home of Angkor temple, country side temples area such as, Bantay Srei, Vegetation temple of Bengmelea,  Bantay Srei, Kbal Spean (one thousand of Linga at river bed and reclining buddha.

Day1: Visit Vegetable Bengmelea - Rolous Group Temple. 
Morning, we visit the remote, unrestored temple to Beng Mealea are confronted with a mass of ruins half devoured by a ravenous jungle. The temple's abandoned stones lie like forgotten jewels swathed in lichen and its temple complex strangled by ivy and vines. Brought to you by the same man who built Angkor Wat, King Suryavarman II, it is similar in style to his later effort but receives only a fraction of the guests. Beng Mealea is 70km northeast of Siem Reap. 


Afternoon The very first site of the ancient Khmer civilisation was here in Roluos, then known as Hariharalaya. The temples of Roluos were built by King Indravarman I (r 877-89). The first was Preah Ko (Sacred Bull) named after the Nandin statue found on site. Preah Ko has six brick towers each dedicated to his parents, maternal grandparents and to King Jayavarman II and his wife.

Next came Bakong, a terrestrial version of the celestial Mount Meru. It is a five-tiered pyramid-temple and was the inspiration for many of the temples that followed.

Day2: Kbal Spean - Banteay Samre - Banteay Srei temples.

After breakfast Driver and tour guide pick up at 80 : 00 AM, discover Pre Rup the Hindu 11th century, Bantay Samre Temples, Kbal Spean (as it's afternoon, treking Mountain to one thousand Lingas at scared / holy river bed) then best time to Bantay Srey (citadel of women' dedicated to Shiva pink color Lady temple ) then sigthseeing  cournty side Villages tour where farmer produice sugar palm back to hotel.

Day3: Preah Khan - Preah Neak Phean - Pre Rup.

 8: 00 Am meet driver/guide to avoid from crowed of busy high season, visit Peah Khan temple, Neak Pean, Tam Som (the entance with tree at east tower) East Mebon, Bamtay Kdei the Sunset at Preah Rup with Top views of templesrice paddy end of tour.

Day4: Explore the main temples of Angkor complex on small loop tours.

Get up earlier at 5 : 00 AM to See sunrise at the Angkor Wat, Breakfast at Local restaurant / hotel to claim up to top of Phnom Bakeng get view all the Siem Rea Town/temples area, South gat of Angkor Thomwith two lines of images hold the Naga lead tower of city sourounding by moat, ancient Angkor High Way bridge, 54 towers with 216 Charming smile faces, Bayon,  Baphoun, Phi Meanakas, Royal Palace, Peah Pilalay, The Terrace of Elephants,  Terrace of Leper King in cluding North Kleang, Takoe, Tamphroum ( known as jungle temple giant tree get over stone the  temple best of the best where Anjuna july made movie then return to hotel end of tours.

  • 1 Option:  Air-conditioned Transports with englsih speaking driver.
  •  Air-fresh Tuk Tuk = $85 USD 
  •  Car  Camry = $ 175 USD
  • Lexus/ Highlander =$185 USD.
  • Min-van 7seats =$ 215 USD.
  • Mini-van 12 -  15 seats = $185 USD

2 Option:  Air-conditioned Transports with english speaking tour guide.

  •  Tuk Tuk = $ 209 USD 
  • Car = $ 295 USD
  • Lexus/ Highlander  5seats =$315 USD
  • Mini-van 7seats SUV = $325 USD
  • mini-van 12-15 seats =  $305 USD
  •  Included.

  • Gasoline, tool, cold ( bottle ) of water and cold fresh towels during the tours.
  • Not include.
  • Hotels, Meals, Tickets, Temple pass, personal expense.



Cambodia taxi driver for private day tours: give travellers with limited, un-limited time a personal and well-paced introduction to the temples of Angkor Wa than following one of the established tourist "circuits" around the temples, My itinerary concentrates instead on taking the time to appreciate and explore – giving you the chance to really take it all in. We try to vary our routes to avoid the big tour groups as much as possible
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I just came back from an excellent 3-day trip in Siem Reap 27th Of May 2012 with my mom. We went on a two-day touring trip to see the Angkor Wat and got Mr. Phat\'s servi
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