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Phnom Penh was founded by a rich old lady named Penh, who build up a sanctuary on the hill called " Wat " Phnom Daun Penh" ( Old Lady Penh's Pagoda. in 1434, king PoneaYat moved the capital from Bassac City ( in the ancient Kampong Cham Province ) to phnom Duan Penh. The canctuary was removed, and it was replaced by the king. Then he build up the hill and contructed a brick stupa on top.

After the inauguration,Rolex Datejust Replica Watches the king named the hill " Preah Chetdei Paravata ', but nowaday it is simly called Wat Phnom. Actually, the first establishment did not last long, the capital moved from one to other place to anther. Until 1866, in the reign of king Norodom, the capital moved to Phnom Daun Penh again and remains up to the present time. Phnom Penh is the sixth capital after Nokor Phnom, Angkor Wat, Longvak, Srei Santhor and Udong.
Phnom Penh, a capital of Cambodia covering an area of 290 square kilometers, offers visitors plenty of opportunity for a city tour, shoping and dinner. it is home to the Royal palace, National Museum, and Wat Phnom, and it is commercial, political, Renewal Planning for a population Boom.

Particularly, Valuable products that can be found here inclcultural and tourism hub. Phnom penh received the world leadership award Number one for Urban uding seafood, freshwater food, fresh fruit, traditional handicrafts, artistic articles.

Firstly the Royal Palace was erected in the reign of King Ponhea Yat in 1434, and secondly it was erected in reign of King Norodom ( 1866 ). The Royal Palace was formerly called " preah Barom Reach Veang Chatomuk Mongkol "  than mean it was conveniently located at the confluence of four rivers the uper Mekong, the Lower Mekong, the Tonle Bassak, and the Tonle Sap). Nowaday it is only called " Preah Barom Reach Veang "
The Rayal Palace is 402 meters by 435 meter, and its complex is surrounded by a high pagoda-styled compound decorated with the boundary strings.
The Royal Palace is a royal residience now where His Majesty, the king of Cambodia, and the royal familes live. in a common word, it is like a small town of the royal dynasties.

The Royal Palace is regarded as the symbol of the whole nation, and all the pavilions are adorned and painted with yellow and with colors. the yellow represents Buddism and the white represents, Brahmanism.

The Silver Pagoday was erected in the reign of king Norodom in 1892 and inaugurated in 1903.
King Norodom's successor, King Sisovath, who his younger brother, kept reigning and decorating the inner wall. And then, Prince Norodom Sihahouk restored it in 1962.

The capital of Cambodia was named after Penh, a women who founded a canctuary on the hill in 1372 where the grand stupa stil stands today. Tourists are much attached the Wat Phnom Because it is a leisure and sentimental place.

The Cambodia-style building was built in 1917 and inaugurated in 1920. it is located to north of Royal Palace.
The National Museum can enable you to be more aware of Khmer culture and historical value and literature through frescoes depicted on the theme of the Ramayana story. Khmer art has been shown since acient times. A rich collection of original Khmer art feathures sculptures and statuse made of jade, marble, silver, bronze, brass, coper, clay. wood,bamboo, metal, steel, etc.
The ancient building, contains, articles, ceramic ware, earthenware, flatware, potery, woodwork, siliver, etc. it is open from 8 AM to 5 PM everyday.


Erected in 1955, the Independence Monument symbolizes Cambodia. Independence regained. from french colonialism in 1953. This monument is a copy of Bakong temple ( the group of Rolous in the 9th century ). the one hundred Nagas and Snake motif can be seen in historical, cultural, archeological, and business contexts.
The Independence Monument is today uased to commemrate the souls of combatants and heroes who laid down heir lives for freedom of the country.

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