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                                                                                     Welcome  to  Cambodia  kingdom of  wonder!  the  county  of  my birth, Angkor Siem Reap,  Cambodia. I will be  pleased  to  be your local  driver and  guide  and  assistaint  while  you  are  in  Siem   Reap,   Angkor,  Cambodia.
Hello everybody,  My name is Sok Phat’ you can call me “ Phat “ just for a short, it’s easier.I  am  young  entrepreneur, age 28, i am honest working heart for my family. I was born  in 1982 at Samrong Village, Samrong Commune, Suthnikum District, Siem  Reap Cambodia. My  village  located 40 km  from Siem Reap town on  the way  to wonderful,  vegetarian  temple  Beng Melea   just  farthermore  22 km  temple is . I have moved  town for  my high school and English  course in 1999 on October and I had lived with Mr. Cheam and Mrs' Family who has served  Vans  and  Cars  services for travel 
  tour  companies  in town.  In 2003, I worked as driver. I carry tourists to temples of Angkor ruin  and  other  provinces  with  van  and  car  until  2006  of  March  then. 
 I changed to work in  hotel, it was said Goldiana hotel,  it’s four star level hotel, my position is waiter. I served my customer in restaurant and pool side. In 2007 of August
 I bought Tuk Tuk ( Motocycle with Tuk Tuk  ) of course it’s Cambodia motocycle trailer I have  served my  Tuk Tuk service with  Jasmine Lodge. This Guest Houses are run by owner family. I also work as Tuk Tuk driver some time I work as waiter too after I finish my driving.  i know  how  to improve my skill and my language skill, but some time i don’t; as I hav to go English school from 7 : 00pm to 9:00 pm at night. I can say, I like and enjoy my work skill so much and  Jasmine lodge. They are so nice people. They are nice to me too;  well, I also join Jasmine group work poor children as well. what  tried to do my best and skill , now i had become my own Van Driver with View truth on
Thank you for kindly especially my Australian friends Alice Gower and her friends who rise money to support for poor community (poor children) we work on clean water project and children’s operation by sent poor children to hospital in Siem Reap and to Phnom phen city. We work on   Kbal Damrei Village, and Krang Village Pong Ro Luer Commune, which it is very, saluted area it located about 150 km from town. in year 2007- 2010.
Group Name
 Ms Alice Gower and her friends.
  • Try Kim Hak
  • Chap Chin
  • I kep tried find soem for poor students at cuntry side fro pen, books exspecially Bike-cycles that help get to reach school on time. wheree home so far..!
  • Jasmine lodge  
I have changed many jobs because I wanted to make more experience for myself. I only graduated in secondary degree so there is only way for me to get myself for familiarity with all kinds of work for real life.
As the result, about above. I am a fully licensed English speaking driver in Siem Reap Angkor, Cambodia. I take tourists to temples daily day. So I can give tourists suggestion for tour tanneries to temples of Angkor. I have well knowledge about my city.
I will be very pleased to be your local driver i will work heart help, make sure that clients are well taken care of, comfortable, safe  that they are treated by local vendors. I understand while at Angkor temples. would you like to have a great holiday? travel with your family!  like traveling in a group, you are most interested in seeing the sights of our historical civilization. My expertise will be in providing a safe attentive full day of travel and touring.  Afternoon and evening excursions as well as suset and sunrise view.
I am dedicated to ensuring that my clients well taken of that they're treate by our community and other vendors.
Airport pick up, Bus station, Boat station and drop off are available upon your request. 
Have read this massage well, book now!
Tell: +855 17 93 06 94
       : +855 97 51 43 209



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Cambodia taxi driver for private day tours: give travellers with limited, un-limited time a personal and well-paced introduction to the temples of Angkor Wa than following one of the established tourist "circuits" around the temples, My itinerary concentrates instead on taking the time to appreciate and explore – giving you the chance to really take it all in. We try to vary our routes to avoid the big tour groups as much as possible
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I just came back from an excellent 3-day trip in Siem Reap 27th Of May 2012 with my mom. We went on a two-day touring trip to see the Angkor Wat and got Mr. Phat\'s servi
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Send me any inquiries you might have. I will be only to happy to reply and give you any information on Cambodia you require.
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H/P: (855) 17 93 06 94 , (855) 97 51 43 209.
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