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Explore the ruin of the Khmer Empire in Angkor Wat complex, remote temples area such as leady temple Banteay Srei, vegetation ruin at Bengmelea, countryside trip Tonle Sap with the fishing community, life-style on the freshwater largest lake in Asia.


Day 1: Visit Rolous Group - Grand Loop Temple Tours.


Morning to void from crowed of tourists group, we explore the Rolous group as the beginning of temples at Angkor park. We heading to tickets booth to buy temple pass, Preah Koh built from bricks with laterite, it is the very first site of the ancient Khmer civilization was here in Roluos, then known as Hariharalaya. The temples of Roluos were built by King Indravarman I (r 877-89). The first was Preah Ko (Sacred Bull) named after the Nandin statue found on site. Preah Ko has six brick towers each dedicated to his parents, maternal grandparents, and King Jayavarman II, and his wife. Next to Bakong, a terrestrial version of the celestial Mount Meru. It is a five-tiered pyramid-temple and was the inspiration for many of the temples that followed.

Afternoon, We take travelers to the grand loop temple of Angkor Wat Park, next to East Mebon, Preah Rup, Ta Som (the entrance with the tree), Preah Neak and Peah Khan temple to return to the hotel end of the trip for a day.


Day2: Sunrise at Angkor Wat - Angkor Thom - Taprohm - Main Temples.


We start earlier at 5:00 AM to see the sunrise at the Angkor Wat, breakfast at hotels or local restaurant/hotel next claim up to top of Phnom Bakheng get to view all the Siem Rea town/temples area, South gate of Angkor Thom with two lines of images with god and Demons holding the Naga lead tower of the city with surrounding by a moat, ancient Angkor High Way bridge, 54 towers with 216 Charming smile faces, Bayon, Baphoun, Phi Meanakas, Royal Palace, Peah Palay, The Terrace of Elephants Terrace of Leper King in including North Kleang.

Afternoon, visit Takeo, Bantay Kdei, Ta Prohm (known as jungle temple giant tree get over the stone of temple wall with best photos, it is one of the best, where Anjuna Jolie had made movie return to the hotel in the city of Siem Reap at end of tour.


Day3- Banteay Srei temple - Kulen Waterfall - Linga - Reclining Buddha.


Today, we visit the finest caving temple 10th century with pint sandstone, laterite is Banteay Srei, next to Kulen Mountain National park. it's one of the famous remote secret places local people's playgrounds, the Kulen Mountain (literally Mountain of the Lychees) where the King Jayavarman II proclaimed the "Khmer Empire" Cambodia’s independence from Java.

We enjoy all at Phnom Kulen's Waterfall, the secret river of a Thousand Lingas, Reclining Buddha, tourists also able to experience picnic spots next to the waterfall then return to Siem Reap hotel. 


Day4 - Bengmelea temple - Fishing Community on Tonle Sap Lake. 


We visit a spectacular sight to behold, Beng Mealea, it's one of the most mysterious temples at Angkor, as nature has well and truly run riot. Exploring this Titanic of temples, built to the same floor plan as Angkor Wat, is the ultimate Indiana Jones experience. Built-in the 12th century under Suryavarman II, Beng Mealea is enclosed by a massive moat measuring 1.2km by 900m. It located about 68km northeast of Siem Reap. 

Afternoon, we visit the remote fishing community of Kampong Kleang on the greatest, largest lake in Asia. We drive an hour from Bengmelea to the Tonle Sap lake to hire a boat to experince along the river of Kampong Kleang and enjoy stilted houses and floating on The Tonle Lake return to the hotel in Siem Reap city the end of the day. 


Day 5: Siem Reap Central City Tours.

We explore Siem Reap city tours to Wat Bo one oldest in town, next to a silk farm, airt caving school, cultural village, war museum, old market shopping, the national museum. still, transfer to the airport late evening.


Option 1: Private day trip on air-conditioned With English speaking driver

  • Tuk Tuk 3 days + 2 days Car 4 seats = $165 USD
  • Lexus/Higlander 5seats = $365 USD
  • Mini-van SUV 7seats = $399 USD.
  • Van 12 - 15 seats =$315 USD
Option 2: Air-conditioned transports with English speaking tour guide.
  • Tuk Tuk 3 days + 2 days Car 4 seats = $165 USD
  • Lexus/Higlander 5seats = $365 USD
  • Mini-van SUV 7seats = $399 USD.
  • Van 12 - 15 seats = $315 USD


INCLUDED: Gasoline, tool, Parking, cold bottle of water during tours

EXCLUDED: Hotels, Meals, ticket, boat personal expend.

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Cambodia taxi driver for private day tours: give travellers with limited, un-limited time a personal and well-paced introduction to the temples of Angkor Wa than following one of the established tourist "circuits" around the temples, My itinerary concentrates instead on taking the time to appreciate and explore – giving you the chance to really take it all in. We try to vary our routes to avoid the big tour groups as much as possible
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